Thursday, February 13, 2014

Me, in a Book! { Quilting With a Modern Slant }

About two years ago, I was contacted by Rachel May, who was interested in interviewing me for her upcoming book all about the modern quilting movement and community. I was equally shocked and flattered that Rachel wanted me to be a part of her book. She mentioned that she was talking with all sorts of people connected to modern quilting...established quilters and newbies, like me. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! I had the most wonderful time talking with Rachel. As it turns out, she went to college in the small town I grew up in, and we had at least one acquaintance in common. And to think we are connected by one thing: QUILTING! Pretty cool, I think!


Rachel's book, Quilting with a Modern Slant, recently made it's big debut. It is filled to the brim with beautiful photos of quilts, patterns, techniques, and tips and tricks. A new quilter could open it up and learn the basics of quilting just as much as an experienced quilter could open it up and discover a new technique. But, what I love most about this book, is the inspiration, both in the stories and the wide range of quilt styles portrayed (just take a look below at all of the different styles of quilts shown on one of the inside covers).  I love real stuff...I love to know why people quilt, what inspires them, and how it fits into their life. There is a LOT of this in the book and perusing it, I found an overwhelming sense of community among all of these different artists and quilters.


I love Rachel's introduction where she shares how through 80 some interviews, she discovered so many common threads that tie "us" all together, and her personal story revealing why she thought it important to include such a range of artists and quilters. Rachel is both a quilter and a writer, and it really makes for a lovely read.

Flipping through, you will more than likely be amazed at the way an artist goes about making a quilt. I was blown away by the work of quilter and artist Kyoung Ae Cho, who literally sews pieces of nature into her quilts (embedding leaves or wood), sewing around them by hand. Also, expect to find someone who's work or thoughts newly inspire you in your own quilting. I kept returning to stare at this quilt by Alexis Deise, and have since looked her up to discover a load of amazing quilts.

Of course, it was so cool and exciting to open the book and see a page with my name and some of my thoughts in writing. During our interview, Rachel and I spent a lot of time talking about why I quilt and how it fits into my lifestyle as a stay-home Mom with a young family. I'm happy that she chose to highlight this on my profile. I also talk a bit about blogging and advocate for keeping the "personal" in crafty blogs (I'm good at that, eh?).     


Along with my profile is a patchwork voile pillow I made. It's an oldie, but goodie that I never got around to sharing here on the blog. At the time that Rachel was collecting projects for the book, I was busy with a newborn baby, so I was very happy that she accepted this project of mine, in lieu of a new quilt. This pillow is a very favorite of mine and reminds me a lot of my beginning years quilting.  I spent so much time gathering these pieces of fabric (Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile), pondering them, and finally piecing this pillow (around the same time I made this quilt).




I encourage you to take a good look at Quilting with a Modern Slant. I promise you will find it to be completely unique and inspiring. Above all, you will find a community of people that you connect with. You can read more about the book, Rachel, and all of the contributors, on the book's website here. Many, many thanks for Rachel for including me!

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  1. Uh, how did I miss this?!? Congratulations, how cool to be included in a book!