Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Days

Snow Days 1

Snow Days Little

Snow Days Big

Snow guy

Snow Walk

Year to year, we never know what we'll get, if any. So, when the big snowfalls head our way, not just once but twice, we have to enjoy them as much as we can. Even if it means going to school on Saturdays for the rest of the year - yikes! 

This year I really marveled at how beautiful it can be. Taking the dog out for a quick walk at night and finding our neighborhood buried in a beautiful thick untouched blanket of white. The snow lit up the quietest night sky and I could hear every little flake hitting the ground. Suddenly a chore that I had been dreading (typically Mark's chore, but he was out of town) turned into the most beautiful experience. I thought that I'd seen snow, but then I really saw it.

And staring out my sewing room window for an entire afternoon and seeing a sky filled with giant white flurries. So, so beautiful. I'm happy to live somewhere that we usually get nice mild dose of every season. But, I'm so happy Mother Nature gave us these beautiful  snowfalls, safe and sound at home together. Lots of memories in these days.  

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