Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thoughts for Wednesday

We are on the brink of what I feel might be the busiest time of year and I've found myself growing increasingly anxious about it. Spring activities are starting, we have heaps of yard work to do, there are field trips and parties, and weekend trips, and oh, so much more. I've been trying to find some balance in my life and it's just been growing more and more chaotic and unpredictable. One of the things I'm missing is exercise and time outdoors. I was doing so great at the start of the year and I was feeling awesome.  And then...pffft. Snow, winter, laziness ensued.

I'm over the laziness, though. I'm ready to do something. I find that walking or running is my best time to sort through the day's problems, to unearth that creative idea that is buried beneath the day's problems, and quite frankly to think about those people in my life that need thinking about. I never could've imagined how difficult it would be as a parent to 3 kiddos, to find time to just.think. I very much need that time right now. So, enough's enough. I'm getting moving. No plan, no goals...just going to try for a walk or a run everyday. I know it will do me so much good.

So, those are my thoughts for Wednesday, complete with pictures from the weekend. What are you thinking about today?

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