Thursday, April 17, 2014

Changing Gears

Lately, life has been pretty overwhelming. Suddenly my sweet Lyla who has been for the most part an easy (and of course, wonderful) addition to our family, is completely exhausting me...all of us really. She's climbing on tables and throwing everything she can get her hands, she's screeching and stomping her feet. She needs attention and love and toddlers do! I've done this before, but how to truly manage without feeling a bit strung out escapes me.

There are other non-Lyla things too. The fact that I over-committed myself this year at Maggie and Joe's schools and at church. The fact that I have three children going in what feels like three different directions all the time. The fact that even our kids - whose schedules we try to keep light and easy - have places to be at times that often feel so inconvenient.  

And, there's my creative life. Which has at times, felt less like a hobby and more like a job. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that I already have a job at home with my children. And, I'm so fortunate to have that job and not need another, and if it's is all I can handle right now, that's ok. Creating is my outlet and my hobby and it should be fun - it should be spent sketching a new project, or doing some embroidery on the couch, or starting a new quilt when I feel like it.

So, lately I've been considering what's worthwhile to me. I've been thinking about what I love most about creating, which is basically the whole idea of dreaming up a project and bringing it to life - and ways that I can fit that into my life, without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. And, in my real life I'm stepping down from commitments, and being more honest with people, without feeling guilty. And, tuning out a bit...that's always good.

It'll probably be quieter here, but I do have so much fun sewing and stitching and ideas to share. I hope you'll continue to hang with me!