Monday, May 12, 2014

A Finished Boy's Nonsense Quilt

I have a fun finished quilt to share with you today! It's my first completed quilt as part of the Grace Circle of do. Good Stitches. I tried very hard to have a vision for this quilt, and I think maybe I did in my own mind, imagining how it would play out with my own fabric and scraps. But, introducing it to all of my bee members, and seeing how they interpreted it resulted in something completely different.  Which, in the end, I love! 

Grace Circle February Quilt Finished Front

This experience of sewing with a bee is new to me and I learned so much from my first stab at organizing my monthly quilt. It amazes me how these seemingly scrappy mismatch blocks came together. The quilt is made of Boy's Nonsense blocks stitched up using this tutorial by Leila from Where the Orchids Grow. I think the group agreed that these were fun, quick blocks to sew.

Grace Circle February Quilt Closeup

I pieced the back using a large piece of the Storybook Lane print that was the original inspiration for this quilt along with some other large scraps. I wanted this quilt to have a whimsical girly feel and I think the back echos that theme. 

Grace Circle February Quilt Back

For the quilting I chose to do do a swirly free-motion quilting (FMQ) pattern. I'm going to be honest - I wasn't totally happy with that decision or with my quilting. I was aiming for a design similar to the one I used on this quilt. But, I think I rushed with the quilting because I was so anxious to finish the quilt and I didn't take time to practice beforehand. The tough thing about FMQ-ing is that it's not easy to correct. Also, I find personally, that if I get off track (or sloppy), it can be hard to get back on track. Always, always sketch or practice your design...lesson learned! If I had done it over again, I would've probably chosen a simple straight-line quilting design and let the scrappy colors and design speak for themselves. Thankfully, I think the quilting design is somewhat secondary to the pattern and colors of this quilt, so overall, I'm very happy with it.

Grace Circle February Quilt Closeup

Whew. We are our own worst critics, yes? The most important thing, of course, is that this quilt will bring comfort, warmth, and love to it's recipient. I was so happy to send it off to My Very Own Blanket, where it will be passed on to a foster child in need. Thank you, Grace Circle, friends for helping me make this quilt!


  1. Yes, we are our own worst critics. Whenever someone comments on something I've made, I always feel the need to point out the flaws. It's sad, really :/
    That being said, I think your quilt is gorgeous! The recipient is lucky to be wrapped in love with this one :)

  2. I think the swirls are gorgeous! The whole quilt is beautiful and so striking. :)

  3. I love this! It's so cool how bee quilts come together! :-)