Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seeing and Stitching Meadow

I kind of can't believe that my 13-year old self declined an opportunity to walk around one of England's finest gardens with my Mom and Dad when they took my sister and I there many, many years ago. I chose, in typical teenage fashion, to sit in the car and sleep or tease my hair some more - who knows. These days I love to wander around a pretty garden, take pictures, absorb all the combinations of color. I often wonder how they fill in those spaces so perfectly, with plants and colors intertwining. I'd like to say that it makes me more ambitious in my own garden, and it does a bit, but mostly I like to take pictures and enjoy them.

I took these on a recent Sunday morning outing to Duke Gardens. I could've spent a whole long day wandering around there.  

For Maggie

I was especially drawn to this glowing aisle of flowers. The yellows with bright pops of orange made me think of some lovely prints from the Meadow collection by Leah Duncan. This was my must have fabric collection this Spring and I came home eager to start sewing with it.

Duke Garden aisle

Flower Love

I had started one of these log cabin blocks at Sew South but only got so far as about half of a block done (which reminds me, I owe a post on the awesomeness that was Sew South). So, I decided to start working on them again.    

Meadow QAYG Blocks

These are quilt-as-you-go log cabin blocks stitched up using Rachel's tutorial. Aside from organizing the prints by value (with low value prints on one side of the block and high value on the opposite side) this type of project is about as close as I get to mindless sewing. Quite the right kind of sewing for me right now. I plan to make a new quilt, perhaps to throw on the end of our bed. 

Meadow QAYG Block 1

Meadow QAYG Block 2

Meadow QAYG Block3

Just like I fell in love with that row of flowers, I've fallen in love with this new project. The colors make me so happy and stitching them last week was so therapeutic. Life is still insanely crazy, but sewing is starting to feel right again. And, a friend and I are planning a trip to another garden. Can't wait to see what inspiration I find there! 

New Quilt In the Works


  1. Love how these blocks are coming along. They are so pretty.

  2. We have to confirm with Mom, but I am 99% sure that was ME who stayed in the car at Sissinghurst, while you, Mom & Dad went in. And I am going to chalk it up to "too much togetherness" and the need for alone time. And I was reading a book, not teasing my hair. The flower photos are very nice too; I just needed to set the record straight!

    1. I think we both stayed in the car. I think I walked in at one point, climbed up one of the towers and back down, but that's it. It just makes me laugh - do you remember how excited Mom was about going there?!?! And, I'm sure you were reading but you know I wasn't much of a reader. : )