Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Over at Imagine Gnats: A Bess Top

Hello, friends! I'm over on Imagine Gnats today sharing a new top I sewed for myself as part of Selfish Sewing Week! It's a fabulous Bess Top sewn up in knit and a double cloth cotton. Think cozy and cozier people! Seriously, I'm pretty smitten with this pattern and top! Check it out, if you like!

I haven't shared any of my recent adventures in garment sewing here, but I have been dabbling in it more and my confidence is slowly growing. I sewed a couple of great pieces over the summer, and wear both of them quite a bit.  I never got around to sharing them here, because....I'll be honest...I'm still pretty awkward and uncomfortable and generally stressed out by the photo shoots. 

There's the setting and the timing and the lighting that are never quite right, and my poor husband who's trying to advise me on how to stand while our two year old is practically hanging from his shirt tails screaming bloody murder. Really, hats off to people that do this on a regular basis. I think they many of them use this ingenious device called a camera remote (ha!) that I haven't pulled the trigger on yet (pun intended). 

But, seriously, sewing garments is fun! It's a nice break and change of pace from my regular patchwork and quilting projects. I love that I can create a completely unique piece of clothing, and, I do think I'll be doing more of it.

Feel free to pop over and read more about my Bess Top, if you like. Also, be sure to check out the Selfish Sewing Week giveaway, other featured stitchers, or browse some projects on Kollabara, or instagram (#selfishsewingweek). You're sure to be inspired!