Friday, January 23, 2015

A Dreamy Quilt

Last year, after I went to Sew South, I joined up with some fellow quilters I met there and together we formed a fun little "sewing circle". We did quite a lot of sewing and swapping for each other - mini quilts and birthday gifts - but above all we got to know each other better and became great friends, spread across two states. It's been so awesome having these people in my life! 

This year, we are embarking on a new, awesome and inspiring quilt-y journey known as traveling quilts. Our traveling quilts will work like this...each person comes up with a theme and color scheme and overall concept for a quilt. Each person starts their own quilt - sewing as many blocks as desired, and then ships them off to the next person in line. Each recipient than adds to the quilt, ships it to the next person in line, so on and so forth, until it's made it's way around the circle. At the end of it all, each person should have a finished quilt top. We plan to present ours to each other sometime in 2016. I'm already so excited!  

I knew right away that I wanted to use this collaboration as an opportunity to make a quilt in a color palette that is perhaps not my norm. When I sew, I tend to want to saturate the things I make with color, color, color. But, yet, I find myself repeatedly drawn to quieter quilts with lots of white, and subtle dusty colors.

When I started searching Pinterest for ideas and images for my quilt, I couldn't help but tag the items I found as "dreamy". And, from there my dream-inspired quilt concept grew. It's actually a concept that is very relevant for me, as I've been focusing a lot lately on getting more sleep, and being a well-rested and generally happier person.

I felt like my sewing room was all aglow over the past few weeks as I started sewing up the first few blocks for this quilt...


These blocks were mailed to my friend, Patrice, this week - a paper pieced feather (free pattern available from Shape Moth here), a row of sparkly HST diamonds, and a fun improv block. This was some of the most creatively fulfilling sewing I've done in a long time. So excited for this new endeavor! I may share little bits and sneak peaks of the sewing I do for my friends' quilts here, throughout the year. But, more than likely it'll be kept under wraps...we all are in for a great surprise!


  1. Beautiful collection, so soft! Love all your blocks. Such a fun idea and I look forward to seeing the finish!

    1. Thanks so much! Definitely a soft palette. I'm looking forward to seeing the finish, too!