Tuesday, January 6, 2015


...seems the most appropriate thing to say following my absence here. I've missed blogging so much, missed sharing my creative endeavors here, and even more so documenting those bits of my life that somehow seem to disappear if not written down.

With the beginning of this bright new year, I've done my own reflecting.  Last year was a good year, but a somewhat stressful year for me. I just never quite settled into it. I have sat down and tried to put it all into words so many times over the past week, and I finally decided that it would be in my better interest to simply move forward. To harness that extra spark and energy that comes with this new year and do my best to live a happier, less stressful life everyday.

So here goes...I'm excited and hopeful for this year! I want to take all the hikes. I want to sleep....a lot actually. I want to make a dreamy quilt with the best of sewing friends (more soon!). I want to go camping with my 2 year old. I want to run and swim like I did last summer. I want to take more pictures, and not with my phone. I want to make the perfect apple pie. I want to hang out with my siblings more. I want to sit by a campfire and talk late into the night with my husband. I want to write about my life, not just what I make.

I'm looking forward to being back in this space and sharing more with you. Thanks for being here. Happy New Year!!      

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