Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Antrorse Sweater

You guys!!! I knit a sweater, I knit a sweater, I knit a SWEATER!!! It was right around a year ago, that I started knitting Antrorse, a pattern by Follow my blog with Bloglovin

href="" target="_blank">Shannon Cook from the beautiful collaborative book Journey....aptly named, as this has certainly been a fun (and long) creative journey for me.

I started with such gusto. The pattern was super easy to follow, fun and quick to knit. With the top down construction I could easily try it on and see that it was fitting well along the way. I was so excited that I was actually knitting a sweater. Then, somewhere along the way, I just kind of lost interest. It might have been the color, or the many mistakes that I wanted to fix, but didn't, or the sleeves. Gah! Knitting sleeves is the pits! I don't know...perhaps I'm just a lazy knitter.

Anyway....this sweater. I really had to force myself to finish it - to sew on those buttons, weave in all the little ends, try and hide all of the holes I had under the arms. I finished it on New Years Day (a year later!) and immediately tried it on. And, I LOVED it. Like, truly, LOOOOVED it. Even with all of it's glaring mistakes. I almost slept in it that night. The next morning I wore it hiking and decided it's pretty much the perfect hiking sweater. I wore it again on a crazy cold day and decided it's pretty much the warmest and coziest thing I own and heretofore I will wear it on every crazy cold day.

The wool (this yarn in cypress by Quince & Co) is amazing, it's soft and squishy, keeps me warm when I need it but comfortable too (as wool does). And, it's green. Ha! I admit this color choice was completely random. I wondered if I gave Mark the wrong name (since it was a Christmas gift from him), or I thought it was different, or had too much wine that night? I dunno. I do kind of wish I went with a basic grey or oatmeal. But then I think,  "this is different", and I like that.

You can read more about this sweater, or grab the pattern over on Ravelry (link here) And, I also highly recommend this book, Journey...if you're a knitter or even if you just like dreamy photography - the book is stunning and inspirational. I'm looking forward to trying another pattern from it! But, maybe not a sweater this time.


  1. I am so impressed. I have to reign myself in and say that a fabric stash is enough and I can't add a new hobby. I love the green color too. I would be like you and lean towards picking a safe color but it wouldn't be near as much fun.

  2. This is amazing, Laurel! I wish I could find the patience to do this kind of work and not only do it but have it turn out so gorgeous and perfect! WOW!!

    1. Aw, thank you, Melinda! And, trust me, there are a TON of mistakes. ;-)