Friday, January 9, 2015

Tent Camp Quilt

I'm so excited to share my last quilty finish of 2014, which was this Tent Camp quilt, a collaboration with the Grace Circle of do. Good Stitches. This quilt was inspired by my love for the outdoors and camping. I shared a quick tutorial for these blocks, which I find look like little tents, back here. The original inspiration for this design came from this quilt by Andy over at A Bright Corner.

Tent Camp Quilt - Grace Circle do. Good Stitches

The lovely ladies of Grace Circle sent me blocks in a simple green, blue and low volume palette. I added sashing in white as I felt it helped distinguish the little groups of tents. I hardly ever sash a quilt top, but I'm so glad I did in this case!

Tent Camp Quilt - Closeup

For the quilting, I wanted to play on the camping, outdoorsy theme, so, I decided to try quilting a topographic design. I spent a lot of time in college and when I worked as an engineer looking at topo maps and at the risk of sounding like a nerd, I just think they're really cool. I had an idea about how I would approach this type of free-motion quilting, but I searched online a bit too. And I'm so glad I did...this video was super helpful! I also referred to the elusive map print from Carolyn Friedlander's Architextures line for a bit of guidance.

Tent Camp Quilt - Quilting & Back

Aside from the density of this quilting pattern (quilting is not my favorite part of making quilts, ahem), this might be my favorite FMQ-ing to date. It was surprisingly easy, the fact that the lines did not need to be consistently smooth, or evenly spaced, allowed for more liberated sewing. I'll take it!

Tent Camp Quilt Back - Grace Circle - do. Good Stitches

Continuing with the theme, I used some amazingly soft Shetland Flannels (by Robert Kaufman) for the back. The flannels seem to have a heavier weight than some of the quilting flannels I've used in the past, making this quite a warm and sturdy quilt. I can just imagine sitting by a campfire on a cold night with this quilt.

Tent Camp Quilt

The binding is mostly this ledger print from Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander, with a little bit of scrappy flannel thrown in for fun. I love how a little bit of scrappy binding adds interest to a quilt.

Tent Camp Quilt - Scrappy Binding

This quilt is all ready to be sent off to My Very Own Blanket, where it will be provided to a young person in need. This was a very, very happy 2014 finish for me and the Grace Circle. My hope is that the recipient of this quilt not only receives comfort and warmth, but a encouragement to explore the world, for there is so much to see!


  1. Love your Tent Camp quilt! I am so intrigued by the topo quilting. I too, am quite familiar with looking at these maps. What a great idea. I do have a "map" quilt on my bucket list but probably whole cloth. Some day.

  2. Beautiful quilt!!.....and LOVE the topographic quilting!!!

    1. Thank you so much. It was really fun to do! : )

  3. This is one of my favorite Grace Circle quilts - clever from start to finish!

  4. It's really wonderful! Love the palette, the tutorial for the blocks, and the quilting. (In a few days I will be posting a mini quilt on my blog that was inspired by your tutorial if you want to see. It's a mini quilt for a swap, so I am waiting a few days until my partner opens it).