Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Girl

People often told me the third child (or perhaps any more than 2) would be "a drop in the bucket". Ha. I'm pretty sure right around 18 months (about a year ago), this one dumped the bucket on our unsuspecting heads. We spent a lot of time this past year talking her down from table tops and trying to remember how to manage an active and curious toddler. You know, as if we figured it out the first two times around. You never know who these people are going to be, but it sure is fun watching it all unwind.

Talking has come very slowly to her...sometimes I think she's going about it backwards, trying to carry on conversations before she knows the words. I do know that one day these mini-monologues of hers will suddenly become clear. We'll all cheer and she'll jump up and down and clap for she does. But, in the meantime, something about her limited speech makes her overstated gestures so much more special. She gets by just fine, grabbing my hand and dragging me to her playroom...."mon, Mama!, mon!" (come on, Mama, come on). Patting the floor in the exact spot I should sit and promptly plopping down on my lap.

I often feel guilty that she seems to get so much less time to enjoy being little, what with so much of our lives being spent driving the older two around, running errands, and just trying to keep up. I'm realizing how special my time with her is. I know that is something that every parent says, and I also know as a parent, it can feel impossible at times to tune out and truly be present. I've been trying harder lately and noticing how meaningful just a few minutes a day can be.


One morning last week we went for a walk and ended up on the swings in the backyard. She held a baby doll on her lap and she insisted I swing alongside her holding "Bear" the dog (not to be confused with "Bear" the bear). She was insistent that we swing precisely together so I had to push her while trying to swing at the exact same speed as her...synchronized, if you will. It was such a two-year old moment to insist on such a thing, but her squealing and laughter over it was one of the brightest moments in my day. This girl. At all of two years old she's teaching me what life is really all about. I really do think so much of the good stuff happens in those little mundane moments when you least expect it. And, I'm so thankful to be able to spend so many with her.    


  1. Thank you for sharing these 2 children are now young adults....but your words bring back memoirs of their toddler years. Lovely photos of your lively young girl.

    1. Aw, thank you Jenny! I'm so happy that this brought some happy memories to you. : )

  2. A lovely story and a beautiful child you will always treasure <3

  3. Our third child was a little like having a firecracker dropped in one's lap. When you wrote of your little girl, I remembered those kind of times with him. We had four children and all four were so different that we had to start all over with each one - no learning how from the previous one. I am so glad that I was privileged to be a stay-at-home mom and got to enjoy all those years and then to participate in their school actives [home room mother, health room aide, field trip chaperon, band booster committee member, etc.] was a great privilege.