Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring & Skirts

About a month ago on a cold snowy Sunday, Maggie and I sewed a couple of simple skirts together. She sewed one for herself and I made a matching one for Lyla. They were made with a fun splattering floral that she picked out at Joann's a while back. I was reminded that sweet, simple skirts really are the best. And these turned out so bright and breezy, much like Spring.

On what was probably the first real warm day this year, they both put them on. They slapped on their rainboots and ran around the backyard for a bit, holding hands, and giving their bare legs a taste of the warmer air. Later that day, we went for a short walk to the lake. The kids slipped off their shoes and put their toes in the cool water, and searched for golden rocks.

The onset of Spring this year has felt pretty amazing. We've had more sunny, warmer days than not over the past week or so and I find myself dashing for the outdoors as soon as I see the sunlight filling our backyard. Sitting on the deck, knitting, watching the kids wander around in the woods or kicking the soccer ball. Soaking in the warmth and feeling it kick out some of the lingering greys from winter. Feeling hopeful for Spring. Only four more days...

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