Thursday, September 24, 2015

Favorites: Poolside Tote

I sewed up this Poolside Tote last Spring while I was at Sew South and it's hands down one of my favorite handmade items. I love everything about it - the roominess of the bag, the shape, design, and how purposeful it is. I use it quite a lot but also love just hanging it in an open spot in our house, because I think it brightens up any space. 

I've been stashing fabric less this year, and instead searching out some unique pieces that I really love - fabric that I know will be put to use instead of lingering on my shelf. It's a crazy concept, right? Well, its something I'm working on anyway. I picked up this cotton/linen blend print used on the outside of the bag from Miss Matatabi. So, yeah, I paid a bit more for it, but I used it up and it really makes me happy. It's a fun mix with the striped denim I used for the inside of the bag and handles.

Since all of the fabric I used were midweight, I applied Shapeflex 101 interfacing to all of my pattern pieces. I wanted a bag with some structure, but not too firm. I love the finished weight and feel of this bag.

I'm quite certain there will be another Poolside Tote in my future. It's not just a great bag, but such fun to sew too!

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