Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It was kind of a dream of a weekend. We arrived on Friday to discover a quiet campground blanketed in crunchy Fall leaves and glowing with sunshine and warmth. It was 80 degrees! We set up our tent, explored, and headed out for a short hike. 

We have hiked up this hill many times...before having kids, as a family of four, and today as a family of five. Near the top is a very distinct and unusual tree growing out of a rocky outcrop. It's a special spot with a beautiful view. Mark and I sat here many years ago with our dog Dulcie when we first discovered this place we love so much. Near the bottom, we always find a group of cows the kids have named over the years. And, two beautiful trees near the entrance of the campground. 


When we woke up Saturday morning, it was a little chilly, drizzling, and the forest was blanketed in fog. It's amazing how stunning Fall can be even on the moodiest of days. The colors were so brilliant. It felt like we had our own private enchanted forest.  

It is so hard in this day and age to truly disconnect. I've found it's even harder for our children with all of the demands and distractions they face. As it turns out, it was probably one of the best things we've done for them in a long while...taking them somewhere without screens or agendas for their days, giving them space and time to explore. There was hiking and reading and roasting and painting and resting and talking. And smiling...so much smiling.   

Little Lyla did pretty darn good. After waking up just a tad too early on Sunday morning **yawn**, Mark announced that it was time to go home and she responded by screaming out..."No, go home...go hiking!". 

I have to say, this weekend did me a lot of good too. It's a beautiful, amazing world out there. I truly love this place and I love that it is so special to us. Until next time, Rocky Knob.


  1. You make me wish that my children (20 and 23 years old) were that age again. We too loved to be in the woods amongst the wildlife of the forest.

    1. Aw those are the best memories! Maybe you need to all spend some time together in the woods again. : )

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