Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Favorites: Springtime Bandit

I've been knitting quite a lot this year. It's become kind of therapeutic for me. It's my main creative outlet right now, while I feel like my life is just not as conducive to spend time sewing. I started this shawl last Spring, and finished it up in June just before we moved. Thinking back, I have no idea how on earth I found time to knit while we were preparing to move, but I suppose it helped keep me sane. 

This shawl is one of my favorite things ever. This lovely yarn had been sitting in my very small basket of stash yarn for quite a while. I picked it up before a road trip, went on Ravelry to search for a possible pattern, and voila, the Springtime Bandit, a free pattern by Kelbourne Woolens, popped up in my search. One of the harder parts of knitting for me is pairing my own yarn and pattern, as opposed to getting help at a local yarn store or using the yarn a pattern suggests. I got lucky on this one!  

Although I've been knitting for almost 9 years, I feel like I've just started to really make sense of it, to see and understand patterns more clearly. This pattern was my first experience reading a knitting chart and successfully knitting a lace pattern. I wanted my shawl to be a little bigger, so I added a repeat (or 2, maybe?). Unfortunately, as I was doing the final edge pattern, I started to worry I would run out of yarn before finishing, so I bound off the shawl a few rows short. But, I don't think it's noticeable or affects the appearance of the shawl too much.

What I love most about this shawl is how unbelievably cozy it is. The alpaca/wool blend yarn is so perfectly drapey and soft. I also adore the color. I have a slight obsessions with this chartreusse-y, bright yellow. It seems to play well in all seasons.

I'm looking forward to lots more knitting this year!

Ravelry link here.


  1. Your knitting makes me wish that I had paid more attention to my grandmother's knitting lessons. Your scarf is lovely.

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