Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lyla's Swingset Skirt

 I've been wanting to try out the Swingset Skirt pattern by Oliver and S for a while now. It looked like it might be a nice wardrobe staple for Lyla and maybe even a possibility for Maggie. When I heard about the sew-along this week, I decided it would be a fun time to give it a try. 

This skirt came together so quickly, save for a couple of errors on my end. Lyla is a teeny little thing, so when choosing a pattern size, I decided to go with the 18-24 month for width and the 3T for height/length. I thought I took this into account when I marked the buttonholes, but they ended up too close to the top of the skirt. I was a little bummed, because you can't exactly remove buttonholes that have already been cut open. But, I just forged ahead and sewed another set in the right location, and it's not even noticeable. As it turned out, the drawstring I made turned out too bulky so I decided to omit it and just added a faux tie on the side.

I love the shape of this skirt so much! All of the skirts I've sewn for my girls have been the simple, sewn from a big rectangle type. The curved hem on this pattern adds so much to the skirt - it is more playful and twirly. I'm a convert!

The outer fabric on the skirt is a Nani Iro cotton lawn that I scored from the Imagine Gnats remnants sale. It's a bit different than other lawns I've worked with. It has a unique texture (described here) and a little less drape but is still very lovely! I was worried it would be a bit too stiff for this skirt, so I lined it with a double cloth gingham (this one by Robert Kaufman) to give it a bit more weight. I used the same gingham for the side tie.

I love the end result! It has a nice flounce to it. The combination of fabrics is so playful and I think the skirt has a bit of a vintage appeal.

Of course, Lyla styled it up with her present uniform of accessories - a giant floral headband, necklace and rain boots. I have to say, I'm embracing this age of opinions way more the third time around. Some days we're a dinosaur, some days we're the girliest of girls, and a good deal of the time we're running around outside in a leotard with no shoes on. Today she twirled and giggled down the street in her new skirt!  


  1. Oh how sweet! And I love it with her little rain boots. Also, she is rockin those accessories! <3

  2. This is truly gorgeous!! I love the contrast waist tie!

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  4. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.