Tuesday, March 1, 2016

That Pink Tiger Dress

So, alas, I finally sewed up Lyla's "pink tiger dress". It turned out so cute! I decided to try the Roller Skate Dress pattern by Oliver + S. I've always loved the shape of this dress and the cute neckline detail. I'm excited to check another Oliver + S pattern off of my list - they are all so well done and I learn something new from every pattern. 

These tigers are one of my all-time favorite Cotton and Steel prints, from Alexia Abegg's Hatbox collection. I can't seem to stray far from fun prints when I'm making dresses for Lyla. For the neckline detail, I used this Kauffman dot chambray in indigo. I also lined the dress with chambray, but a different one that I don't love quite as much (saving the rest of the dots for another dress).


I sewed Lyla a size 2T, based on her measurements but added about an inch to the length. I'll be honest, I don't love the overall fit of this dress on her. The neckline is a tad big and I found that the dress tends to ride up if she's sitting. Also, I probably didn't need to add the length (it's a bit on the long side), but it will give her lots of room to grow. Maggie used to grow out of things so quickly, that every few months she was changing sizes. I could never keep up! Lyla, on the other hand wears her things forever, especially dresses!

Overall, this was a great pattern to sew! I believe actually that the fit is pretty accurate and this is just the style of the dress. I think if I were to make another roller skate dress, I'd use a more fluid fabric, like double gauze or rayon and/or I'd consider going down a size. The riding up business bugs her a little, but I'm hoping the tigers will win her over and she'll still wear it. In any case, it is a really, darn, cute dress!

It was 70 degrees here yesterday, so we took a walk to the little lake in our neighborhood. Lyla is such a good little hiker and will walk all the way around the lake. She stops to take a break and occasionally asks me to pick her up, but doesn't whine too much when I refuse. I love adventuring with her!

I'm really looking forward to Spring. The days are getting a little longer and brighter down here! Hope you're all enjoying some signs of Spring as well!